Overnight Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Services and Fees

1-20 lbs. $32 per night
21-40 lbs. $34 per night
41-60 lbs. $36 per night
61-80 lbs. $38 per night
81-100 lbs. $40 per night
101 lbs. & up $42 per night
  • Bring your dog’s food from home packaged in meal portions in Ziploc or small food bags.
  • Canned food should be labeled on the side of each can.
  • Respect our limit of three personal items per pet. We provide bedding and bowls.
  • Bring updated vaccination records (Rabies, semi-annual Bordetella and Distemper).
  • For administration of medication, bring medication in original container with clear instructions.

Boarding Activites & Amenities

VIP Boarding Kennel offers various recreation options & activity packages to fit your dog’s specific needs for exercise during their stay. Visit our Activites & Amenities page for descriptions and pricing details.

Baths & Grooming Services

Due to the social nature of our facility, all dogs staying three or more nights are recommended to receive a bath and will be charged according to our bathing rates. Any dog that becomes excessively dirty will also be bathed and charged according to our bathing rates. For grooming prices please visit our Dog Grooming Services page.

Additional services

Bordetella Vaccine $20
K9 Advantix Application $15 – $18
VIP Transportation for Boarding $10 flat fee plus $1 per mile round trip from VIP to pickup location and back